NOTE: This Strategy has been replaced at the end of February 2024 by the new Actions Strategy- Pathway to Rebellion. This resource will be maintained for a little while for those who need it but will eventually be moved to the archive.

Extinction Rebellion was born in 2018 with a single clear mission - to bring so many people onto the streets for so long that the government has no choice but to radically transform a system that threatens to kill us all.

The Big One was a triumph. It proved we can mobilise 100,000 people around the very heart of power to demand the change that we urgently need to survive the climate and ecological crisis. In the critical election year of 2024, the mother of all mass mobilisations will be what XR was born to do: bring all those people and more back on to the streets. And this time we won't go home until a broken political system hands us, the people, the power to save ourselves.

Every month. Everywhere.

Why are we taking action on the last Saturday of the month, every month?

Think Greta, striking every Friday, building the impact slowly, giving opportunities for others to notice, to join, to unite. Monthly XR action days across the country, synchronised for impact, building community bases of power everywhere.

You’ve always got a date to recruit for. There are always jobs for new rebels to do. It’s a new pace - say yes to new ideas (you can always come back to old ones); learn fast and grow. This is how rebellion starts.

Before / Preparation
During / On the day
After / Before the next one!

Open Call on 25th June 2023

This new action strategy is entirely focused on bringing that exciting vision closer to reality - by empowering and supporting every rebel to grow our amazing movement into an unstoppable force.

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