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Action Network for XR

Email lists (via Action Network software) for local, regional, national groups and also for campa...

A Shared Vocabulary

Building 2021 Strategy

In order to have functioning conversations around strategy we must use the same words. Below are...

Creating, merging, rebooting a group

Action Network for XR

Writing and sending emails

Action Network for XR

This section describes how to write an email, insert dynamic text, and create welcome ladders.

The Result: the XRUK 'Do or Die' Strategy

Building 2021 Strategy

The strategy comes in many different forms.

Reports and viewing activist data

Action Network for XR

Information on how to access and collect data on rebels in the Action Network system

Extinction Rebellion Peat Ban Letter Tips

Letters and Template Letters - Political

George Eustice has announced that DEFRA is starting a consultation on banning the sale of peat-ba...


Risk Management - learn to use it

Risk management helps build resilience into your circle. “Hindsight is a wonderful thing but ...

Risk Management - learn to use it

Strategy Working Groups

Building 2021 Strategy Process

Core Working Groups The following Groups are those definied by this strategy proccess and hold a...

Defining the Scope of Work

Building 2021 Strategy Process

It is important for us to know what this process is trying to do, and what it cannot do. Therefor...

UK Strategy Assembly Mandate

Building 2021 Strategy Process

Accountabilities Connect strategy leads throughout XRUK to facilitate an ongoing UK-wide dialo...

Strategy Development Team (SDT)

Building 2021 Strategy Process

Mandate Purpose To produce and revise drafts of an overall Strategy for XRUK that: Will unif...

Strategy Process & Review Cycle

Building 2021 Strategy Process

Strategy Process A rough outline of the process could be brought down into the following: Stage...


Building 2021 Strategy

The 2021 UK Strategy Process is underway! The Process There are two main groups working on this...

Useful Tools

Do Or Die - Workshop Recipe

UKSA Core Meeting 3

Building 2021 Strategy Updates

Tuesday 1st December 2020 9am to 12pm 25 representatives present (21 present at 9am) 1. Proposa...

Where We Are So Far

Building 2021 Strategy Updates

Date of last Update: January 19th 2021 Coming Up The assembly has elected it's Strategy Develop...

UKSA Core Meeting 4

Building 2021 Strategy Updates

Thursday 3rd December 2020 6pm to 9pm Intention The original intention of this session was to c...

UKSA Core meeting 6

Building 2021 Strategy Updates

Big Picture Exploration and Convergent Facilitation 1 Tuesday, December 8th 2020, 9am GMT Purpo...

Convergent Facilitation

Building 2021 Strategy Inputs

Convergent Facilitation is a process for getting to a genuine agreement about how to move forward...

UKSA Core Meeting 7

Building 2021 Strategy Updates

10th December 2020, 6pm GMT Participants: 26 Strategy representatives + observers, representing...

UKSA Core Meeting 2

Building 2021 Strategy Updates

28th November 2020, 12pm Purpose: Learn about group processes and define working agreements Bui...

UKSA Core Meeting 1

Building 2021 Strategy Updates

Kick off Meeting! Purpose: Get to know each other & overview of the whole process Getting t...

UKSA Core Meeting 5

Building 2021 Strategy Updates

Saturday December 5th, 2020, 12pm GMT Purpose: Decision making and exploration of the big pictu...

People's Assembly: Input from the Movement

Building 2021 Strategy Inputs

Communities held an open People's Assembly to gather insight on the movement's opinions around st...

UKSA Core Meeting 9

Building 2021 Strategy Updates

Date: Thursday, 17th December 2020, 6pm GMT Participants: 24 Strategy representatives + observe...

Roadmap for Stages 3 & 4

Building 2021 Strategy Process

As the Assembly nears the end of the second stage of its process we are now looking to how we can...

Set Up Tools

Do Or Die - Workshop Recipe

User Guides

Online Tools for Communicating with Oth...

Rebellion Academy

Online Training resources for Rebels to do in their own time, at their own pace.

Local Group Fundraising

Even though Extinction Rebellion is a volunteer and community based movement there is a need to r...

Risk Management - learn to use it

How to plan for everything that can go wrong, ensuring your circle or project's mandate remains s...

Project Management : how to manage projects successfully

This book holds tips for anyone accountable for the success of a project, i.e. a project manager....

Heading for Extinction - Speakers

This book contains the up-to-date script and slides [on the HfE Index link] and useful resources ...

Supporting XR Remotely

We focus - understandably - on actions that take place in the public space. But there are would ...

Organisational Structure of XR

A page for each Working Group (that wants it), explaining what they do.

Integrated Budget Group

What it does and how it does it

Action Design - How to Design an Action

All you need to know about action design so you can design your own action, deliver the training ...

Online Tools

How to use When2meet. How to apply for a email address. For t...

XR Youth

Are you curious about who these XR Youth are? Have you decided to join XR Youth but aren't sure...

Street Speakers

All the XR street talks scripts are in one place in two versions - OnlyOffice and Google - along ...

A Guide to Group Chats on Signal, Whatsapp and Telegram

This book gives guidelines in how to set up and run a secure and effective XR Group Chat. It ment...

Talks and Training Materials

Just a Climate and Ecology Crisis Quiz at the moment. This book is intended for any miscellaneou...

Community Alliance Building

Resources for helping Local Groups to build alliances with community groups in their area.

Group Admin Guides

Online Tools for Communicating with Oth...

All the information to manage your Group should be here but if you can't work out how to do somet...

100 Days

The Big Guide to The Big One! The climate, nature and humanity face disaster. We know it’s tim...

Dirty Water Campaign

Welcome To Extinction Rebellion [XR]

Resources for the national Welcome to XR talk, including the script, slides and key links.


Everything you might want to know about stewarding events, actions, marches.

Flag Templates

Art Blockers UK

Artwork for printing flags.

Paris '68 Redux

Paint The Streets

Paris '68 Redux reinterprets the work of the “Atelier Poplulaire”. The “AP” were groups of studen...

Extra Information

Online Tools for Communicating with Oth...

Contributing - What to Consider

About The Rebel Toolkit

Contributing - The Technical Side

About The Rebel Toolkit

Editing, Markdown, images, links, adding a Google doc, two contributors editing simultaneously cl...

BookStack - The Toolkit Platform

About The Rebel Toolkit

Searching, user permissions, known anomalies, and the site home page is the page called "Welcome ...

XR Arts ~ Action Design

Guidelines & Booklets - Art

See the original doc here: Please copy and paste this link into a browswer -

Hope for the Future

Letters and Template Letters - Political

A video of a talk describing how to engage effectively with your MP

Letter Writing Tips

Letters and Template Letters - Political

It is of paramount importance that XR brings MPs onto the side of climate justice. It would be gr...

UKSA Core Meeting 8

Building 2021 Strategy Updates

Date Tuesday 15th December Participants 25 Assembly members representing 17 seats. Absent were I...