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Groups, Teams and Roles

An Overview On Finding Your Ideal Role

Once you’ve completed the Foundation Programme, we hope you will be keen to find a role. We encourage you to join a Local Group first, if possible, to see how we work locally.

You can find your nearest Local Group and contact details on this map.

Local groups are free to do what they want as long as they follow our Principles and Values, but we encourage them to follow XRUK's strategy and to support actions using whatever creative ideas they can.

You may want a ‘behind the scenes’ role with a regional, national or UK team. It’s fine to have more than one role in order to experience different aspects of XR. It’s also ok to leave a role if you find you no longer have capacity, or you would prefer to move to a different role, but please give your team a little notice.

To find all the current vacancies within XR, visit our Volunteer Website.

Roles are generally for regional, national or XR UK teams, each with a specific purpose, and this will be described by the team's mandate. If you successfully apply for a role, the team's Integrator will introduce you to the team at their meetings and work with you to agree your induction and training plan. Teams usually hold 1 or 2 Zoom meetings a week on specific days and times.

Roles advertised on the Volunteer Website can be filtered by 'Role Type' into 'from home' (most roles) or 'in-person' (e.g. Production & World Build Team).

You may be unsure what a role involves and the Rebel Pathway team is here to guide you and suggest roles that may suit you. We will help you apply, check that teams are responding to your applications and ask you to feed back with how you get on. We welcome feedback on your experiences as you become integrated. Also, if there's a team that would really suit your skills but isn't currently advertising a role, please let us know. You can contact the Rebel Pathway team here on MatterMost or by emailing

Roles may be available in a wide range of groups and circles. Most of these have been grouped on separate pages. See also the XR UK Organism here .

UK Rebel Hive This is the broadest circle and represents rebels within and between the nations of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and the regions in England. The Hive exists to grow and empower XR UK through decentralisation. Most members are external co-ordinators from the regions, nations and immediate sub circles, so UK Rebel Hive may offer only admin roles.

Generic roles

Many teams have important administrative or active roles to be filled such as :

Secretary/ Minute Taker : this role requires reasonable keyboard skills and very good listening skills. The secretary:

  • arranges meetings and take minutes,
  • deals with day to day running of the team,
  • ensures that Action points are clearly communciated to the team
  • might act as facilitator if no-one has filled that role (but it is not expected)

Facilitator : this role requires training as XR meetings run in a specific way. The facilitator ensures that:

  • meetings run smoothly according to the group agreement
  • every voice is heard
  • the agenda is covered as well as possible
  • the meeting does not run over time

Budget holder : a good understanding of figures and banking is required, or a willingness to train. The budget holder:

  • understands what budget is available to a team and what it must be spent on,
  • approves expense claims from receipts for goods and services
  • approves VLE (volunteer living expenses).

Tech admin : sets up new group members and updates existing group info on the Hub and Mattermost. This role needs training and some experience in using the Hub and Mattermost. Keeping the group's Hub information up to date is crucial as this is the movement's telephone directory.

Integrator : for recruitment and training of new rebels, a role that itself needs some training and a little knowledge of the team. Find more info here