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06. The Arts

Art, Design, Music and Performance. The heart of XR is colourful and engaging arts. XR Art and Creative groups range from Design, Art Blockers, Paint The Streets to Theatre, 3D Makers, Red Rebel Brigade and more!

07. Media and Messaging

One stop shop for all your Media, Messaging and Communications needs.

02. Group Building

Build a healthy, resilient, empowering and enjoyable Local Group, Community Group, Affinity Group etc.

04. Actions

Everything to help you plan and execute your own action (before, during and after). Information on attending an action as a participant, volunteering in an Action Support role and arrestee and legal support guidance. Also included are many examples of desi...

10. Tech and Data

Support guides and information for using XR's online platforms, and other online tech tools that you are likely to use within XR.

01. Intro to XR

Begin your journey from couch to rebel!

08. Outreach and Integration

Growing our movement from initial contact to involvement in supporting to taking part in NVDA

05. Talks and Training

Talks and Training can fit in at any part of the Rebel Journey They can be attended, delivered or developed by you and your group: - using resources here - or accessed here using video recordings and documents here - or you can book someone to give a Tal...

11. XRUK Circles Resources

This shelf has some publicly available books. It is also available for teams to store books with specialised information which will only be viewable when a user logs in to the Rebel Toolkit with a Hub login.

09. Access and Inclusion

12. Archive

Open Calls and older resources and info from actions packs etc which could be useful to refer to, reflect upon, reuse, recycle!

03. Current Campaigns

How to contribute to the Rebel Toolkit

A new vision for the toolkit has arrived!

Integrator Handbook

This is an Onboarding Tool for Integrators from any Working Group (WG) or Local Group (LG). In this handbook, you should find the resources you need to welcome new and existing Rebels to your team or LG.

Art Blockers

Physical art and making - woodblocks, painting, flags, banners!

Paint The Streets

Our longstanding flyposting & subvertising campaign. A great low-risk first NVDA action.


Design Programme, fonts, logos, woodblock images, colours. Leaflet and poster designs.

Healthy Teams

Resources for you and your team. From starting off, to resolving issues to the best practices we have for building and maintaining healthy teams.

Action Network for XR

XRUK's mailing system containing separate 'email lists' for Nations & Regions, Local Groups, Campaigns, Volunteers, Talks and Training, all connected in one big 'network'. This book contains guidance for how to become an admin of a list, to send emails, how...

Online Group Chats

Mattermost, Signal, WhatsApp and Telegram - how to choose, set up and run a secure and effective XR group chat.

Community Alliance Building

Resources for helping Local Groups to build alliances with community groups in their area.

Community Assemblies

Community Assemblies provide a way for people to organise locally and to experience the power of deliberative democracy to make progress on the issues that are most important to a community. To choose our future, mitigate power and empower our communities,...

Rebel Ringers Handbook

Learn what Rebel Ringers do, and how to sign up and make calls. Come along to one of our sessions to get trained and get started! Sign up via:

The Foundation Programme

In this book, you will find information about: - applying to the Foundation Programme - joining the Hub (our one-stop-shop for all XR tools & services) and finding your course schedule there - the Foundation Programme Team - help using Zoom

Social Media

Everything you need to know about social media platforms and how to use them as an activist or a local group.

Action Planning

Before, During and After an Action - what do you need to think about when planning your action

Design, Develop and Deliver Training

Post Training Resources

M&M Get Started

Media and Messaging core services. This chapter gives an outline of movement communication info for XR UK groups to draw on. M&M (for short) is a working group in charge of promoting XR's work, actions and events, using social media and traditional media...

Press and Spokesperson

Learn to talk to journalists and get the traditional media (newspaper, TV, radio) to run your stories

Photography, Videography and Livestream

This book is about creating and sharing visual media, for both professionals and amateurs. There are two ways to contribute your photos to XR UK, directly to the XR Media Library ‘Picture Desk’ or via XRUK Live Action Content Telegram channel. Please avoid ...

Action Support

Volunteer roles to support actions : stewarding, well-being, protest liaison, production, outreach and more!

We are Everyone

Neurodiverse and Disabled Rebels Inclusion

We have all agreed upon joining XR to welcome everyone and every part of everyone, therefore there is a duty for us to do as much as we can to ensure everyone has access to our resources and that we are welcoming to a diverse range of people. We cannot be p...

Ways to do outreach

Outreach Methods and Materials

Preparing for new volunteers

Integrator Handbook

Recruiting new volunteers

Integrator Handbook

Welcoming new volunteers

Integrator Handbook


Art Blockers

Printed onto cloth and then pinned wherever suits that Rebel!

Core Design Programme


The principles of graphic design to produce XR's destinctive look, and artwork to use. See also the Global Media Library page for artwork samples.

Training and guides

Art Blockers

XR Art Blockers have developed these facilities to help you provide prints for your actions !

Hub Admin Guides

The Hub, Mattermost, Cloud and Forums

This chapter is only relevant for people with the role of Hub Admin.


Art Blockers

Print onto A4 (eco-friendly!) sticker paper.

Block Artwork

Art Blockers

Artwork for printing, painting and woodblocks.

Flag Templates

Art Blockers

Artwork for printing flags.

Paris '68 Redux

Art Blockers

Paris '68 Redux reinterprets the work of the “Atelier Poplulaire”. The “AP” were groups of students, union members and everyone coming together (in Paris May, 1968), work-shopping ideas, then voting on which ones to mass produce, printing tons and going straig...

Contributing - The Technical Side

How to contribute to the Rebel Toolkit

Editing, Markdown, images, links etc

Group Admin Guides

The Hub, Mattermost, Cloud and Forums

This chapter is only relevant for people with the role of Group Admin.

Writing and Sending Emails on Action Network

Action Network for XR

Technical, style, content and accessibility advice. Plus automatic welcome emails.

Reports and Viewing Activist Data

Action Network for XR

Information on how to access and collect data on rebels in the Action Network system

Adding Subscribers

Action Network for XR

Error Messages and Problems

Action Network for XR


Action Network for XR

Extra information for people wanting to dig a little deeper in to what Action Network is capable of.

Principles Of Inclusivity

Neurodiverse and Disabled Rebels Inclusion We are Everyone

In order to build an inclusive approach towards involving all sections of society in the struggle to highlight the Climate Emergence, it is necessary for XR to pay particular attention to five activity areas: Organisation and running of meetings The prod...


Outreach Methods and Materials Ways to do outreach

Door Listening Why Door-to-door Listening? Approaching members of your local community to invite them to take part in Actions or Community Assemblies. The process of knocking on people’s doors and simply listening to what they have to say is both humbling and ...

Editing Pages

How to contribute to the Rebel Toolkit Contributing - The Technical Side

The Rebel Toolkit was originally designed and a 'wiki' - a collaborative space for any rebel with a Communications Hub login to add and update. But over the years it got out of date and repetative with no overal vision to hold it together. So from Sep 2023 onw...

Welcome to the Rebel Toolkit!

How to contribute to the Rebel Toolkit

What is the Rebel Toolkit? A one stop shop for individual Rebels and members of Local and Community Groups. It will contain everything you need to know in order to set up and run a group, and take action with XR. What is changing? The Rebel Toolkit is current...

How to debrief

Action Planning After an action

As the movement grows, it is important that we learn from our achievements and our mistakes. A debrief after an action gives us the opportunity to recognise our skills and weaknesses and to develop ourselves both as individuals and part of a team within the mo...

How to Host a House Meeting

Outreach Methods and Materials Ways to do outreach

What do you feel about the Climate Crisis? And what does it mean to you to be part of Extinction Rebellion? Then, there’s how do your family, friends, neighbours and colleagues feel, too? Sometimes, it can be hard to have a conversation about all this because...

Street Outreach During the Rebellion and at Actions

Outreach Methods and Materials Ways to do outreach

When Nonviolent Civil Disobedience has been most effective, it has taken place on a foundation of connected and organised communities. Actions are our primary way to get into the public eye but our actions alone are not enough. We need to use these actions to ...

Talking about the Crisis on the Street

Outreach Methods and Materials Ways to do outreach

Part of our job as rebels is to Tell the Truth so engaging with the general public during a Rebellion is vital, and those passers by might be a bit annoyed with you/Extinction Rebellion, so be prepared! What are your aims: Listen to them, find out what they kn...

Contact the Rebel Toolkit team

How to contribute to the Rebel Toolkit

Contact the Rebel Toolkit project team: On Mattermost, the Rebel Toolkit Reception channel in the UK Team. It is a public channel, so you can join yourself to it. By email :

Organising Inclusive Meetings & Activities

Neurodiverse and Disabled Rebels Inclusion We are Everyone

When considering an accessible and inclusive meeting, there are 3 aspects you need to think about: Planning and preparation The equipment and information The conduct of the meeting. Remember: There have always been disabled people engaged in po...

Accessible Documentation & Leaflets

Neurodiverse and Disabled Rebels Inclusion We are Everyone

Here are some tips on good practice: Offer a good contrast between print and background (e.g. black/blue on white/yellow) Avoid glossy or thin paper Aoid light type weights and unusual typefaces Keep information as concise as possible with short sentence...

Good Communication

Neurodiverse and Disabled Rebels Inclusion We are Everyone

Written Communication Do ensure that the letterhead and contact details are in clear, large, lowercase print use appropriate font size and script ensure that the subject of the poster/leaflet is clear, and that the header makes sense make the purpose of t...

Website Accessibility

Neurodiverse and Disabled Rebels Inclusion We are Everyone

Accessible website design 1. Text Use a sans serif typeface, like Arial as it is easier to read for visually impaired people. A large font equivalent to Arial 14 is a good size – the alternative is to have a Large Print button at the top of the home page. T...

Good Practice in Communicating with Disabled People

Neurodiverse and Disabled Rebels Inclusion We are Everyone

The following information is a guide to issues which affect different groups of people with impairments in terms of communication. It is important to remember each individual has their own needs and strategies – ask them what their particular needs or issues a...

Communication Checklist

Neurodiverse and Disabled Rebels Inclusion We are Everyone

Written communication Is text colour contrasted with background Is typeface sans serif Is text large enough for most people to see (Are community languages in large print) Is layout clear and easy to follow – avoiding columns and box inserts – (altho...

Not in a Working Group but want to add your resources to the Toolkit?

How to contribute to the Rebel Toolkit NEW: Guidelines for Content Contributors

The Rebel Toolkit is a resource for everyone, built by our rebels. Therefore, if you are a Rebel in a Local Group, a Community Group or in anyway involved and you feel like you have something to add, then please let us know! What to Add? So your group has done...

Access & Inclusion Checklist

Action Planning Before Action

Before You Start Is everybody in the discussion aware of Extinction Rebellion's 'Principles and Values'? Is there a wide array of disabled voices in the discussion space, reflecting the diversity of the movement? Is there sufficient time in the ...


Design Core Design Programme

We have a standard set of colours for our publications, which are documented in the Design Programme. As it is a large PDF, here is a summary of the colour scheme. This page also has the hex values of the colours. If you need CMYK or PMS codes, they are in th...

What is a Local Group?

Starting & Developing your Local Group

Extinction Rebellion organises in autonomous groups distributed around the world. We are working to build a movement that is participatory, decentralised, and inclusive. Local Groups bring a feeling of togetherness and shared purpose to local people and are a ...

Find or Start a Local Group

Starting & Developing your Local Group

Find a Local Group near to you You can look for a group close to where you live on the Local Group map. If you can't find a pin on the map close enough to you, then click on the hourglass symbol to contact your Nation or Region. Local Group Support team is her...