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A guide to group chats on signal, whatsapp and telegram


Action Network for XR

XRUK's mailing system containing separate 'email lists' for Nations & Regions, Local Groups, Campaigns, Volunteers, Talks and T...

Action Planning

Before, During and After an Action - what do you need to think about when planning your action

Action Support

Volunteer roles to support actions : stewarding, well-being, protest liaison, production, outreach and more!

Affinity Groups

An AG is a group of people who support each other to take part in nonviolent direct action (NVDA)

Arrestee and Legal Support

Art Blockers

Physical art and making - woodblocks, painting, flags, banners!

Building Local Groups

Resources on starting up new Local Groups, organising in Local Groups and growing your groups.

Building Teams

Self-Organising System, mandates, healthy teams and meetings. Resources for you and your team. From starting off, to resolvi...

Citizens' Assemblies

Help us upgrade politics: towards listening, dialogue, unity and action.

Community Alliance Building

Resources for helping Local Groups to build alliances with community groups in their area.

Community Assemblies

Community Assemblies provide a way for people to organise locally and to experience the power of deliberative democracy for mak...

Cut the Ties Campaign

Ideas and examples of various Cut the Ties Actions


Design Programme, fonts, logos, woodblock images, colours. Leaflet and poster designs.

Design Ideas for Actions

Creative and practical elements to add to your action designs

Design, Develop and Deliver Training

Directory of Talks and Training

Dirty Water

Including Don't Pay for Dirty Water Campaign. Building an understanding of how extreme weather events directly affect our water...