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Zoom Sessions

This section describes the various Zoom sessions that you will find in the Foundation Programme, how to register for them and what to do if you can't attend.

FP Community Meetings

During your course, there are several opportunities to get together with the FP team and your fellow students. These FP Community Meetings are a great way to share information about how you are getting on, ask questions and find support.

  • The Introduction to the Foundation Programme is a warm welcome and a time to get all your initial questions answered. It is attended by members of the Foundation Programme team who explain how to access and use the Course Schedule form. Often, some of the FP trainers come along to outline their sessions.

  • The FP Get-Togethers are informal opportunities to chat with your fellow students, discuss how you are progressing with the course and anonymously give the FP team any feedback you wish to share so we can continually assess the effectiveness and accessibility of the Foundation Programme. If you've finished the programme, come and celebrate your achievements and talk about what to do next.

Hosted Training Sessions

The Hosted Training sessions include:

  • Welcome to Extinction Rebellion + Q&A
  • XR's Communication Tools - Hub and Mattermost
  • Nonviolent Direct Action
  • Introduction to Meetings
  • How XR Works and Who Makes the Decisions
  • Skills, Boundaries and Interacting with Your Team

For full information on the The Hosted Training sessions, click here.

Registering for FP Community Meetings and Hosted Trainings

Students are asked to register in advance for all live Zoom sessions: