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Action Network for XR

Email lists (via Action Network software) for local, regional, national groups and also for campa...

A Guide to Group Chats on Signal, Whatsapp and Telegram

This book gives guidelines in how to set up and run a secure and effective XR Group Chat. It ment...

2. Group Support

Trust The People Workshops

Group support is focused on enabling people to work with others in a supportive and empathetic wa...

5. Community Organising

Trust The People Workshops

Community organising is about finding ways to put your ideas into action. It is about learning fr...


Mobilising the Community Outreach Methods

Door Listening Why Door-to-door Listening? Approaching members of your local community to invit...

Rebel Ringing

Mobilising the Community Outreach Methods

Rebel ringing enables meaningful one-to-one conversations with rebels that have already given XR ...

Reactivation Talk

Engaging Our Rebels Reactivating Rebels

No Time to Lose if we Want to Live Summer 2020, the world has been in lockdown, rebels have be...

Don't be Afraid to Ask!

Engaging Our Rebels Designing an Activation Campaign

“The good news for organizers who want to help build the political revolution is that people re...

Community Organising for the Corona Crisis

Trust The People Workshops 5. Community Organising

How to start cooperatives and mutual aid projects Please share widely. Short link for this doc....

The Heading for Extinction Talk

Mobilising the Community Talking About the Emergency

Okay, so you’re in a conversation with someone who is open to XR - what next? Invite them to a s...


Mobilising the Community Outreach Methods

XR flyposting is putting up beautiful posters in public spaces to: advertise upcoming events; ...

How do we recruit, welcome and keep more new rebels?

Communities People's Assemblies

Date: 20th January 2021 Context Covid has been hard on us for so many reasons and many groups h...

What is a Local Group?

Building Local Groups

We organise in small, autonomous groups distributed around the world. These groups are connected ...

How to Host a House Meeting

Mobilising the Community Outreach Methods

What do you feel about the Climate Crisis? And what does it mean to you to be part of Extinction...