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3. Engaging Communities

Trust The People Workshops

Engaging communities involves putting energy into understanding who is in your area, what their n...

4. Community Assemblies

Trust The People Workshops

Community Assemblies are a structured and democratic way for a group of people to share ideas and...

SVG Stencil files

UK Paint The Streets

A collection of stencil files adapted from the XR Artblockers woodblocks, Paris68 Redux and other...


Mobilising the Community Outreach Methods

Door Listening Why Door-to-door Listening? Approaching members of your local community to invit...

Using Social Media

Engaging Our Rebels Designing an Activation Campaign

When using Social Media as a part of your campaign it is important to consider the platforms you ...

Rebel Ringing

Engaging Our Rebels Designing an Activation Campaign

Rebel Ringing enables us to call Rebels in our local area, check in with them and let them know a...

Community Organising for the Corona Crisis

Trust The People Workshops 5. Community Organising

How to start cooperatives and mutual aid projects Please share widely. Short link for this doc....


Mobilising the Community Outreach Methods

XR flyposting is putting up beautiful posters in public spaces to: advertise upcoming events; ...

How do we recruit, welcome and keep more new rebels?

Communities People's Assemblies

Date: 20th January 2021 Context Covid has been hard on us for so many reasons and many groups h...

Street Outreach During the Rebellion and at Actions

Mobilising the Community Outreach Methods

When Nonviolent Civil Disobedience has been most effective, it has taken place on a foundation o...

Social Media Outreach: Facebook

Mobilising the Community Outreach Methods

Facebook Use Facebook to individually message as many people as possible, asking them to take ac...

Talking about the Crisis on the Street

Mobilising the Community Talking About the Emergency

Part of our job as rebels is to Tell the Truth so engaging with the general public during a Rebel...

How to Host a House Meeting

Mobilising the Community Outreach Methods

What do you feel about the Climate Crisis? And what does it mean to you to be part of Extinction...

Online Outreach

Mobilising the Community Outreach Methods

See also the Social Media page. How to do ONLINE OUTREACH before Rebellion We are all crew and ...