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Tips and recommendations for moderating a group chat

Internal Comms Using and Moderating Chat Groups Effect...

Hopefully, you’ll never be in a tricky situation; but sometimes people can troll, spam or act against XR’s Principles and Values on group chats. In general, this is less likely to happen on closed, secure chats, but it is a good idea to have ‘agreed in advance...

Guidelines to keep the Group Chats as secure as possible

Internal Comms Keeping Group Chats Secure

When setting up the group chat make sure you follow these rules to keep it as secure as possible Make sure that you add a group description, so everyone knows why they have been added to the group. In the description of the chat include a URL link to any rele...

Chat Etiquette for XR Group Chats

Internal Comms Using and Moderating Chat Groups Effect...

Here are a few Chat Etiquette Guidelines that are being used in XR Group Chats whether on Mattermost, Signal, Telegram or WhatsApp: Mattermost Moderation Guidelines You could copy and paste this as the basis of a group agreement on your chat - edit it to your ...

What Are Community Assemblies?

Community Assemblies

A community assembly is local people hearing, deliberating & deciding about local issues that affect community lives everyday. The current political system is failing to take the actions we need. It’s time to decide for ourselves, together! Let's bring del...

Resources to Run an Assembly

Community Assemblies

Local Group Pack Why run an assembly What to think about before launching your assembly What training and support is available Support We’d love to know if you are planning a Community Assembly in your local area so that we can support you with any question...


Community Assemblies

Watch This Space! Meantime keep in touch with your Gardener, if you have one in your region or nation, they will be the first to hear of any new funding support for your assemblies! We recommend that local groups wanting to run a community assembly check out ...