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Community Assembly Resources

CommunityAssemblies-Broadcast_Banner_PurpleFunghi.png This book contains all the links to information documents, training recordings, funding available and helpful organisations that you might need to run your local Community Assembly effectively.

Community Assembly Local Group Support Pack

Read all about the reason why running a Community Assembly is a great campaign to get involved with in this Local Group Resource Pack.

  • Why run an assembly
  • What to think about before launching your assembly
  • What training and support is available

Support Form

Fill in this SUPPORT FORMform to let us know ifthat you planare torunning run your own locala Community Assembly.


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Community Assembly Manual


    everything you need
  • How to knoworganise aboutan howassembly
  • How to setdecide up and run your local Community Assembly, check out the Handbook. This covers: how to prepare and organise a Community Assembly, facilitation and note-taking, how to chooseon an assembly question
  • How to facilitate and howmoderate an asssembly
  • How to buildfollow onup thisan process.

  • Be aware, you can run assemblies either online or in-person; the latter tend to be more enriching experiences, but if you have the people and time resources to organise both, it will be more inclusive of everyone in your community. (Radical Inclusivity is one of the three tenets of a Citizens' Assembly). Combining both methods can be cost prohibitive, unless collaborating with a deliberative democracy ally who can share their resources and expertise, as it requires extra resources to those outlined in this guidance.

    Community Alliance Building

    Your local Community Assembly Project is a great opportunity to carry on working with your community allies and provides a channel that helps you start building alliances.

    Watch Alliance Building Video Trainings via links here.