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Local Group Pack

  • Why run an assembly
  • What to think about before launching your assembly
  • What training and support is available

Support Form

Fill in this form to let us know that you are running a Community Assembly. It contains questions to help Gardeners identify what kind of support you might need: Facilitators, experts, funding and so on.

We will:

  • Put you in touch with an assembly expert
  • Find you an assembly facilitator if needed
  • Provide financial support if needed
  • Share any new training and guides with you as soon as they're out.

Community Assembly Manual

  • How to plan and organise your assembly
  • How to decide on an assembly question
  • How to facilitate and moderatean assembly
  • How to follow up an assembly

Open Call Introductory on Community Assemblies YouTube June 2023 recording of Open Call

Support Contact Details

If you have any question please approach your regional/national Gardener or email