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Why Run Community Assemblies?

Thanks to The Big One, many of our supporter organisations signed up to a demand for citizens' assemblies for the first time ever.

We did our shouting outside Parliament. We handed in green cards to speak to our MPs. We pressurised them online via our Digital Rebellion.

It's now time to bring deliberative democracy into our communities!

By organising local Community Assemblies, we can…

Grow our local networks by continuing to build local alliances and do outreach;

Keep up the pressure on local politicians;politicians, local and unitary authorities;

Spread the word about deliberative democracy and empower people in the process;

Start a local campaign or project in collaboration with other groups.groups sharing a common concern.

Would likeWant to hear some sheer inspiration from Jamie Kelsey Fry, talking about upgrading democracy through deliberation at The Big One? Enjoy...

Ready to co-create a beautiful bonding experience in your community with allies? Check out Community Assembly Resources

We’d love to know if you are planning a Community Assembly in your local area so that we can support you with any questions, expert advice and possibly facilitation. Please fill in this Community Assembly Form to let us know about your assembly!

Community Assembly Project Support Email: