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What Are Community Assemblies?

A community assembly is local people hearing, deliberating & deciding about local issues that affect community lives everyday.

The current political system is failing to take the actions we need.

It’s time to decide for ourselves, together!

Let's bring deliberative democracy into our communities to show them the power of deciding together!

By organising local Community Assemblies, we can…

  • Open conversations about XR's 3rd demand for a Citizen's Assembly on Climate and Ecological Justice
  • Grow our local networks by continuing to build local alliances around issues we are all concerned about;
  • Do outreach;
  • Keep up the pressure on local politicians, local and unitary authorities;
  • Spread the word about deliberative democracy to empower people by showing what outcomes could be achieved;
  • Start a local campaign or project in collaboration with other groups sharing a common concern;
  • Invite local politicians and candidates to build positive relationships and ask if they support the CE Bill to further climate and ecological protections;
  • Depending upon local relationships with political decision makers, if authorities ignore our climate and ecological emergency, we can escalate pressure via NVDA. (Check out the Escalation Plan for more on this)

Ready to co-create a beautiful bonding experience in your community alongside your local allies?

Then check out our Community Assembly Resources.

Citizens' Assemblies, People's Assemblies and Community Assemblies
XR uses three different kind of assemblies, which have some similarities and some differences: DifferentAssembliesRGB.jpg

You can find out more here