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Why Run Community Assemblies?

One thing is for sure, The Big One has made one thing crystal clear all over again:

Democracy in this country is not working!

So we have done our shouting outside Parliament. We have handed green cards in to speak to our MP’s in person. Digital Rebellion have kept the pressure up online.

Now it’s time to move this into our communities!

It is time to demonstrate the value of citizens and communities stepping into new areas of learning and doing, having gone through an assembly in their own locality. Participation in Community Assemblies will both empower local people and also open new conversations about what a national Citizen’s Assembly could mean for how we get more control over decisions made about our collective future.

By organising local Community Assemblies, we can…

… Grow our local networks by continuing to build local alliances and do outreach;

… Keep up the pressure on local politicians;

… Spread the word about deliberative democracy and empower people in the process;

… Start a local campaign or project in collaboration with other groups or communities.

… Improve understanding of the campaign for a citizens’ assembly at UK wide level

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