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Preparation and Presentation

Preparation and Presentation

XR sessions are such a powerful and important tool, whether they are public facing or for internal training. This might sound obvious, but it’s good to keep reminding ourselves.

When delivering a session, it is important to give it your best shot! You are XR’s front line and making a good impression, as well as an emotional impact, could bring in new rebels and other supporters. It could also have ripple effects (both good or bad!) that you might not have considered.

It is always useful to refresh our awareness of the broad range of presentation techniques and practical tips that help both presenters and participants to maximise the value of any session, especially

  • always warming up your voice and [for new presents] practising your script

  • maintaining the quality of your talk in terms of clarity, tone, and avoiding ‘speech fillers’

  • making the most of your voice and your whole range of facial expressions

  • making a quick and strong emotional connection with your audience