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Restore Nature Now

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Nature Needs You!

Rivers choking on pollution, precious woodlands destroyed, seas overfished & peat bogs burned. Nature in the UK is being assaulted.

Last year XRUK created The Big One, where we invited other organisations, charities and groups to demand government action on the climate and ecological nature. On June 22 we return to London, side by side with dozens of organisations and thousands of people from across the country to demand change in a truly co-created action.

The Restore Nature Now demonstration aims to show a unity of voices across the nature and climate sectors.

Join us in at Park Lane, London W1K at 12pm for a legal, safe, family-friendly and inclusive march to Parliament Square.

Take a role in the march in outreach or stewarding. Find out everything you need to know on the XRUK website.

SAVE THE DATE and invite EVERYONE you know. Let’s make this the biggest march of all time!

3 white hares on a dark green background. Extinction Rebellion logo at the bottom

But marching doesn’t work

We hear you. You’ve marched before, and the it didn’t change the world. However, our collective power is unleashed when we join forces across divides. By creating a space for mass participation we generate powerful ripples of energy towards further action.

The Big One marked a sea change in the ability of Extinction Rebellion to take action alongside new and unexpected groups and people. We will continue to create connections with love and care. Our demands have not been met yet, so we will do what is necessary to build a movement of movements that cannot be ignored.

Come as XR.

Restore Nature Now's 5 Demands

The supporter organisations are united in demands to:

  • Give a pay-rise to nature conservation
  • Make polluters pay
  • Deliver more space for nature
  • A right to a healthy environment
  • Ensure fair and effective climate action.

Is it just us, or do these sound like they could all be addressed by a citizen’s assembly on climate and ecological justice?!

A white female scientist in a lab coat adorned with patched stands at a microphone, in front of a yellow banner reading 'Restore Nature Now'

Dos and Don'ts

Do Don't
Be visibly XR. This is a time to be loud and proud of who we are, what our demands are, and our place in the ecology of movements Think for a moment that XR has gone soft! Providing stewarding, logistics and programming is part of movement building, and protests like this are a vital pathway into NVDA.
Talk about supporter organisations. Remember our position as one of many organisations. Call it a coalition. This is for electoral commission reasons, apparently.
Share pathways. How do you plan to take a new rebel on a journey from march to mass action? Underestimate our collective power. This is a strategic moment, where XR will be mobilising toward the next mass action!

Social Media





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You'll find a selection of graphics to use on Social Media here.

Graphics are also available in Welsh here

Posters, Flyers & Stickers

In order to get EVERYONE to Restore Nature Now we need to promote the event and raise the energy.

Download and print out flyers, stickers, and posters today to paint the streets, put up in your windows and local establishments, hand out, engage people and spread the word.

Check out the 'Welsh' folder for posters, flyers. and social media assets in in Welsh.

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Making your own graphics

Use Aktavisda to make your own graphics if the ones XRUK has created don't work for you. But Restore Nature Now graphics are goingt o look a little but different from our usual stuff, so make sure to follow the guidance below.


As well as XR’s usual colour palette, we are using the co-created design for this campaign to ensure consistency and show strength in unity.These colours will be complemented by XR’s wood block print designs.


Nature Images

We are using a selection of XR's iconic Artblocks for the promotional material for Restore Nature Now. You can find them here



You can find the Fucxed Caps and Karla fonts here.

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