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Five Chat Challenge

Five Chat Challenge

The challenge is to have a conversation with five people who are not in XR.

We have the opportunity at Restore Nature Now (RNN) to change perceptions of XR and help move a new wave of people onto the nonviolent direct action journey.

You need no special training to take part in this. You can shape how this looks for you, you can approch the conversations however you like, but keep the follow aims in mind.

  • this is about connection, empathy, listening as well as conteracting media perceptions of 'members of XR'.
  • gently inviting and encouraging someone to take their next step after RNN and come to Upgrade Democracy.

Leaflets will be available with information about XR and our next major event, 'Upgrade Democracy,' which will take place from 30 August to 1 September. You can also direct anyone keen to sign up via the leaflets, or you can direct them to our dedicated Outreach volunteers (purple vests) to find out more or sign up on paper forms.

You can collect leaflets from the F17 lampost on Park Lane, between Mount Streat and South Street. Click here for the RNN map for more information.

There will also be outreach tables throughout Park Lane, which will also have leafelts and shopping trollies with leaflets throughout the march.

The following list is just a list of ideas of ways to start or continue a conversation:

  • to open, you could ask, ‘What brought you here?’ or ask questions about their concerns for nature, etc.
  • Is the government doing anywhere near enough to restore nature?
  • share your experience of being a rebel and why you joined.
  • share success stories of NVDA campaigns and actions, like the Insure our Future and the response from insurance companies announcing their refusal to fossil fuel projects.

Remember, people attending RNN are already worried about nature and will be more interested in our events compared to the general public. Be yourself, it is up to you how you do this.

This is something you can practice on the journey down with other rebels.

You can find out more about Upgrade Democracy here: Upgrade Democracy