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Contact Us

You can contact the team who manage this web site via the email address on the home page, or post a message via one of these:

  • On Mattermost, the Communities Reception channel in the UK Team. It is a public channel, so you can join yourself to it.

  • On UK Forums, the Communities Circle Reception forum. To see that forum, you need to join yourself to the security group "UK Communities [wg] Reception". For instructions on how to do that, see the forum post "3 Join Groups" in the "Help Info & Tech" category.

If this reception channel and forum get too much traffic about the Rebel Toolkit, we can easily make a child organisation on the Hub for Rebel Toolkit work, with its own public reception channel in UK Team and reception forum on UK Forums. "UK Communities" already has 11 child organisations.

If you don't have accounts on Mattermost and the UK Forums, you need to get signed up to the communications Hub; ask the Tech Champion of your local group or community group.