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Our Meetings

Most of our meetings have:

  • Check-ins, where we introduce ourselves and share how we are doing.

  • A Regenerative Culture Reminder: we remind ourselves to be kind to one another, pay attention to our feelings and not to take on too many tasks.

  • A facilitator: a person whose job is to make sure everyone is heard and that we stay on task.

  • A minute taker: a person who writes down the key things mentioned in the meeting, including any action points (tasks that people agree to take on).

  • Check-outs: we briefly say how we feel the meeting went or what we are each looking forward to today.

Hand Signals

We use hand signals in our meetings to avoid talking over one another. These are the most common ones:

Online Meetings

Many of our online meetings use Zoom. You don't need an account to join a meeting. If you have not used zoom before, have a look at our page on Zoom meetings (see under 'further information' below).

More information:
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