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We are everyone

Good practice in communicating with disabled rebels

This is a guide to issues which affect different groups of people with impairments in terms of communication

XR Accessibility Checklist

This Accessibility Guidance and checklist works from the premise that All in XR actively work and support all XR spaces (including, but not limited to - Meetings, Events, Actions, In-person and online) to be spaces liberated from Oppression, Marginalisation and Exclusion for all; this gives specific attention to peoples oppressed, marginalised, excluded by structural violence, the systemic toxicity of societies institutions and agents of governance and its implementation, and the unconscious collusion during our upbringing and engagement with society and its institutions and media.

Inclusivity and XR

In order to build an inclusive approach towards involving all sections of society in the struggle to highlight the Climate Emergence, it is necessary for XR to pay particular attention to five activity areas:

  • Organisation and running of meetings
  • The production of documentation – including leaflets
  • Accessibility of the XR websites
  • Accessibility of demonstrations and other activities
  • Good practices when communicating with disabled people

Here are the Principles of Inclusivity