Building Onboarding into your Team

Welcoming new rebels is not the job of the integrator or the internal coordinator or any one person. Welcoming new rebels must be a part of everybody’s role within a group.

We know that one of the main reasons that rebels stay with XR is that they find a community with us. So how can we ensure that we are as welcoming to as many people, and different people as possible?

The Job of Welcoming

It is not an integrators job to welcome new rebels It is an integrators job to find, contact and induct new rebels into the team. It is the team's job to welcome them!

Make Sure:

  1. A team member steps up to have a 1-1 chat with the new rebel in their first week!
  2. A team member steps up to be the new Rebel's "Point Person" or "Buddy" for their first few weeks. That single port of call if the new rebel has any questions.
  3. The team invites the new rebels to any social gatherings coming up or any activities they may wish to join.
    • (This is especially important if you organise in multiple chats, ensuring they know whats happening)

New Rebel in the Chat!

When a new Rebel is added to your chat (Mattermost, Signal, Whatsapp...) make sure to say hi and welcome them. Make sure they know the purpose of various chats and where they can ask for help.

A Rebel's First Meeting


  1. Ensure that the team has included their roles in their screen names or start off with a round of names and role descriptions.
  2. Have a least one person offer to stay behind to check in with the new Rebel, see how they found their first meeting and if they have any questions.


  1. Use hundreds of acronyms and XR jargon! Try to have someone there to call people out on their jargon and ask them to define things.

This page was written by @Raenyah please contact me if you have any questions or think something needs to be added.