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Chat Etiquette for XR Group Chats

Here are a few Chat Etiquette Guidelines that are being used in XR Group Chats whether on Mattermost, Signal, Telegram or WhatsApp:

Mattermost Moderation Guidelines

You could copy and paste this as the basis of a group agreement on your chat - edit it to your requirements.

Welcome to all newcomers
Please always follow XR’s Principles & Values

  • Avoid swearing.
  • Ideally, keep the discussion between 7am and 11pm.
  • Answer questions and make sure people feel heard.
  • Post off-topic messages in a more suitable channel.
  • If people leave the chat in response to a post, this is a sign of overheating - slow down, pause and reflect.
  • Take two-way conversations out of the chat. Don’t send unsolicited messages. Harassment will not be tolerated.
  • Send a longer message over lots of separate ones; people then have the chance to opt in to read more.
  • Avoid encouraging anyone to vote or not vote for a political party.
  • Don't attribute info from this chat elsewhere, like quoting from it publicly and naming the originator.
  • Avoid posting sensitive action info which can later be used as evidence.