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How to find events near you using the Map

The events map will open showing events in the next month across the whole UK

On a mobile device click the down arrow to see more options

On a desktop or mobile device click teh down arrow again to see all the options

Zoom in to your location

In the postcode lookup box, type in the first part of your postcode and the map will zoom to display at least two events centered geographically on your location

Searching/Filtering Events

You might want to see just events related to a particular topic or group or location. Simply enter text into the Text Search box

If you enter any word it will show all events with that word somewhere in them. If you want to seach for a phrase, enclose it in quotes "dirty water" Otherwise it will find events with either word in it "Dirty" OR "Water" which is probably not what you wanted. You can also search for icons in the events eg drumming 🥁 ome common icons used in events are: