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Rebel Toolkit and Rebellion Academy

XR uses a lot of different tools and platforms!

The Hub, Mattermost, UK Cloud, Rebel Toolkit, Rebellion Academy etc. The different platforms have evolved over time and been created by different teams. We know this can be confusing but we recommend rolling with it and with regular use, you'll build familiarity.

Rebel Toolkit (RT)
The Rebel Toolkit is an online library of resources where rebels can find information on how to make and do a huge range of things within the XR movement, from creating banners to writing mandates for teams.

For a guide to using the Rebel Toolkit, see here. For a useful video on how to add things like links to the pages on the Toolkit, and some tips on formatting text, click here.

In the Foundation Programme Course Schedule, you are asked to read the:

  • Rebel Starter Pack - a basic guide to why XRUK was founded and how we operate. It describes the Three Demands we make of our government and the ten Principles & Values that guide us. It also gives information on how you can become involved.

  • Rebel Next Steps Pack is for anyone who wishes to become more involved in the movement. It looks in more depth at how we operate in alignment with our key Principles and Values. It also helps you to decide what sort of rebel you are and what kind of role you might be interested in - Action, Grassroots, Movement or Supporter.

Rebellion Academy (RA)
The Rebellion Academy is our online learning platform, offering interactive modules about all things XR that you can work through at your own pace, where you can crank your activism up to 11! It's a different platform from the Hub and doesn't link back to your Course Schedule; so please remember to tick modules completed on the schedule.

  • Users are asked to set up an account.
    If you have already joined the Hub, your Rebellion Academy account will automatically have been created using the same log-in details. Having an account and log-in means you can leave a training at any point and come back to it easily. It also means you can track which ones have been completed and which ones have sections still to be done. Every time you finish a training, you get a badge; okay, it’s virtual, but it’s still an achievement!

When you go to the Rebellion Academy, select the option XR HUB LOGIN (see below).


Please be assured that setting up an account does not mean you will be bombarded with emails.

The Rebellion Academy modules included in the Foundation Programme are listed on your Course Schedule form, but of course you can do any of the others that interest you.