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Additional Learning

Community Assemblies

More Resources If you are seeking one to one advice on how to organise or run your assembly, one of the Assemblies Escalation Working Group holds an 'ask anything and share experiences' drop in every Friday afternoon at 3pm. Drop in link. Training Trust the...

Puppets, Masks, Costumes

Dirty Water Assets

Make a ‘big splash’ in your local media with colourful puppets, masks and costumes These resources can be used to create art. [Useful for the Restore Nature Now march in London on 22nd June 2024.] Make your own water Goddess Rebels Masterclass [1hr 19m but ju...

Data & Facts - Gaps: The Law Makers & Breakers

Dirty Water Data Stream

This is a start in terms of learning where the power lies and where laws are being broken by those who have power to help us improve a key element of our quality of life: healthy and safe places to thrive. Environmental Protection Act Part II is almost unen...

Data & Facts - Gaps: Corporate Scum

Dirty Water Data Stream

Corporate Scum Water companies currently have too much power, and are unwilling to act responsibly. One example of this is selective water testing by water companies, local and national authorities, which means water samples are only taken from mid-depth of...

Data & Facts - Gaps: War on Water

Dirty Water Data Stream

The War on Water Where there is contaminated land, there are unmapped aquifers and vectors for pollution transmission through soils, ineffective landfill solutions, wildlife and wind. Given the long legacy of military usage of toxins for a variety of purposes...

Data & Facts - Gaps: Our Anthropocence

Dirty Water Data Stream

Our Anthropocene Plastic pollution is one of the reasons that archeologists now argue that we are no longer in the Holocene, as our plastic footprint means that our earth's surface is now littered with long term plastic pollution (together with human created...

Data & Facts: Where's The Nearest Lighthouse (What Can We Do?)

Dirty Water Data Stream

Given a general lack of transparency and availability of information from authorities and companies, one lever for your group to find information you need is to submit a Freedom of Information (FoI) request. FoI requests are a useful tool to obtain informatio...

Data & Facts - Gaps: Seeking Nature Based Solutions?

Dirty Water Data Stream

Across the UK local planning regimes still leave much to be desired. For instance: Does your local authority have a flood risk mitigation strategy? If so, does it include recommendations for tree planting? If your local authority has that documented, are fi...