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Additional Learning

More Resources

If you are seeking one to one advice on how to organise or run your assembly, one of the Assemblies Escalation Working Group holds an 'ask anything and share experiences' drop in every Friday afternoon at 3pm. Drop in link.


  • Trust the People: THE expert trainers inspiring and empowering people everywhere to really bring democracy home. Enjoy 8 weeks worth of in-depth and fun training to equip your local community to organise and run an effective magical experience in deliberative democracy. And it's totally free, twice per year from the experts in building deliberative democracy.

  • Involve: public participation charity, on a mission to put people at the heart of decision-making

Case Studies

Alternative and Supplementary Guides to Deliberative Democracy


  • 'From What If to What Is' Rob Hopkins
  • 'DIY Community Action: Neighbourhood Problems and Community Self-Help' - Liz Richardson

Other Resources

  • Community Assemblies Telegram chat channel Ask anything. Share your positive stories.

  • Power of Community Imagination Podcast

  • Polis- Opininion Collation Software for Voting; the software we used during the People's Assemblies at The Big One (April 2023) for crowdsourcing opinions.

  • Participedia Website tracking deliberative processes

  • Decidim: A digital platform for citizen participation. Free, open and safe technology.

  • Innovation in Politics Institute Identifies, develops and applies innovations in politics, to strengthen democracy in Europe and beyond.
    Their mission is "to recognise and support those political professionals who have the courage to break new ground, are creative and achieve better results – across party lines and across borders – to make democratic politics more successful."
    They also: "co-create long-term programmes with a positive impact on politics and society, like awards for state-of-the-art political work, training and networking opportunities for political professionals, and platforms for democratic practice exchange."

  • Humanity Project

Resources For Citizens' Assemblies

See Citizens' Assemblies information on the Toolkit here

Reflecting on interacting with a government-led Climate Citizens Assembly Lessons to learn to ensure inclusivity, fairness, transparency and more. Essential reading for Citizens Assembly enthusiasts.

Need More Help?

Join the Community Assemblies Telegram chat channel Ask anything. Share your positive stories.

Email the Assemblies Escalation Working Group with your questions at

OR Drop in 3pm every Friday Meeting ID: 821 9800 8751 Passcode: 203667