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Additional Learning

More Resources

If you are seeking one to one advice on how to organise or run your assembly, one of the Assemblies Escalation Working Group holds an 'ask anything and share experiences' drop in every Friday afternoon at 3pm. Drop in link

To learn more about assemblies happening all around the world, here's a taster:

Case Studies

National and International Assembly Campaigns

To find out more on international examples of CITIZEN's (national, plus other differences) assemblies, watch out for trainings by the Citizen's Assemblies Advocates Group promoted via the Movement Broadcast. Meantime, some empowering background here:

Alternative and Supplementary Guides to Deliberative Democracy


  • 'What If?' Rob Hopkins
  • 'DIY Community Action: Neighbourhood Problems and Community Self-Help' - Liz Richardson
  • 'When Citizens Decide : Lessons from Citizens' Assemblies on Electoral Reform' - Patrick Fournier, Henk van der Kolk, R. Kenneth Carty, André Blais, Jonathan Rose
  • 'The Dawn of Everything. A New History of Humanity' - David Gaeber, David Wengrow.

Other Resources

For Facilitation Training, the Facilitation Circle holds regular, in depth trainings. While 'business meeting' oriented, these can be adapted to different settings, including Assemblies, but we hope to offer tailored trainings for local groups wanting to set up a Community Assembly in future.

Meantime, you can contact the Assemblies Working Group with your questions at

Street Scripts on Citizen’s Assemblies

Trust the People TTP are THE expert trainers inspiring and empowering people everywhere to really bring democracy home. Enjoy 8 weeks worth of in-depth and fun training to equip your local community to organise and run an effective magical experience in deliberative democracy. And it's totally free, twice per year from the experts in building deliberative democracy

Community At Work Check their: "Facilitator's Guide to Participatory Decision Making". They run online trainings too but there is a hefty price tag. Check their schedule.

Hope For The Future Talking to Politicians whom you may invite to your assembly or even writing to them and meeting them in person can seem daunting. Being prepared ensures you get what you need from dialogue with those in positions of power to bring about change. The General Election is not far off and hustings will be happening... Skill yourself up and boost your confidence in talking to politicians, be they local, regional or national.