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Adding Subscribers

Action Network for XR

Error Messages and Problems

Action Network for XR


Action Network for XR

Extra information for people wanting to dig a little deeper in to what Action Network is capable of.

Start Here

Action Network for XR

Overview, training, admin access and contact details

Events and Forms

Action Network for XR

These are called 'actions' in Action Network jargon.

How to set up and run effective group chats

Online Group Chats

This Chapter is about setting up a group chat on Telegram, Signal and WhatsApp including the benefits and downsides of each communication app.

Keeping Group Chats secure

Online Group Chats

This chapter is about keeping Group Chats secure. It will describe the benefits and downsides in terms of security of the different communication apps Signal, Telegram and WhatsApp as well as give guidance as to how to keep a Group Chat secure.

Welcome to XR for Speakers

Design, Develop and Deliver Training

Resources For Local, Regional or National Group Talks Scripts; Slide Sets; Support Video for Local Group delivery

welcome script
welcome talk
welcome to extinction rebellion script
welcome to xr script

Guide to A&LS Back Office

Arrestee and Legal Support

Note: This document supersedes the document known as the Step-by-Step Guide [sometimes referred to as The Back Office Bible]. It has been written on behalf of the Back Office operated by A&LS, formerly known as ‘Central Back Office’. Regional Back Offices ma...

guide to back office
guide to arrestee & legal support back office
guide to a&ls back office
Arrestee and Legal Support
Arrestee Support

XR UK Constitution guides and resources

How We Work Together

Resources and guidance referenced by the XR UK Constitution

Getting Started on the Foundation Programme

The Foundation Programme

Here you will find all you need to know to start your course.

Learning on Zoom

The Foundation Programme

Here you will learn about registering for and joining Zoom Study Sessions, and what the Study Sessions contain.

Finding Your Place in XR

The Foundation Programme

A. General information

Fundraising for Local Groups, Regions a...

Why do we need money? What fundraising do we do? Monthly giving. Sign ups are crucial. Who do we fundraise for?

B. How-to guides

Fundraising for Local Groups, Regions a...

Bank accounts, card devices, Chuffed, Text to Donate, Social Media, XR Communities

C. Help and resources

Fundraising for Local Groups, Regions a...

Fundraising as part of your activities, Resources, Training, Telegram and Mattermost support


Social Media

Everything you need to know to get the most out of Facebook.


Social Media

Get started with this social media platform based on visuals (photos and videos).

How to get your content promoted by XR UK

M&M Get Started


Action Support

Everything you might want to know about stewarding events, actions, marches.