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Regenerative Cultures Reminders / Intention Statements

Building Teams

Link to original doc Regenerative Cultures Reminders This collect ...event. 1) Transitioning towards regenerative cultures We are transitioning t ...owards regenerative cultures. These are cultures of that we are transitioning to regenerative cultures. These are cultures of...

regen reminder
regenerative cultures reminder
regenerative culture

Regenerative Cultures Sessions

Directory of Talks and Training

Post Action Blues - a Guide to coming down to earth

Participating in Actions

Post Action Blues - a Guide to coming down to earth Excellent blog from website in 2019 - do we keep this as a link or transfer the content Regenerative Action Cycle

regen action cycle
regenerative action cycle

Access and Inclusion In All Spaces

Neurodiverse and Disabled Rebels Inclusion

...act Three important things! Regenerative and Inclusive Approach All wr ...viding you contact us first! 3. Regenerative and Inclusive Approach Build these things into events whenever possible: Breaks Quiet time Minimise check-in and hand signal press...

Care and Respect

How We Work Together Our Culture

...blame. Principle 3. We need a regenerative culture: creating a culture whi ... try to integrate what we call 'regenerative culture' into our everyday beha ...we live in, towards one that is regenerative instead. By attempting to build ...we wish to see, we are building regenerative cultures. Behaviour We ask ever...

Organising your meetings

Building Teams The Self-Organising System in more detail

... a series of reminder texts: Regenerative Cultures Reminders Vision Remi ...ort guided meditations or other regenerative exercises. The facilitator of the meeting asks someone to read out the reminder or lead the experience. D. Name the purpose of th...

Sustaining and Growing the Movement

The Foundation Programme Finding Your Place in XR

Regenerative Cultures This is about creating ...opment, training and sharing of regenerative practices. UK Justice Steering Group (JSG) This group strives to bring in and amplify the unheard and silenced voices of historically and currently marginalised groups...

Empowering the Movement

Building Teams The Self-Organising System in more detail

...up with one person. Building a Regenerative Culture Good facilitation and ...herwise. This is how we build a regenerative culture in practice. We say ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’. If we don’t have a healthy working culture then however good our...

Online Behaviour Guide

Online Group Chats

XR's Regenerative Culture We owe each other a dut ... with any language, but, as our regenerative statement says: "[we have] cultures of respect and listening, in which people deal with conflicts when they arise, feeding back quickly and talking about disagree...

AG Buddies

Affinity Groups

...aged. This is known to foster a regenerative culture that helps people feel ...ften? Are they able to foster a regenerative environment with their buddy? Do they still want to have a buddy at all? Would a member who didn’t want a buddy at first want one n...

How to find your people

Building Local Groups

...he fundamentals of XR through a regenerative lens. It focuses on Self-Care, Intersectionality, Burnout Resilience and Action Care, and as a mobilisation tool it has been successfully used as a softer alternative to the NVDA training. Find the materials ...

Heading for Extinction

Inducting your new rebels: Roadmap

Integrator Handbook Welcoming new rebels

...gnals and the process. Read the Regenerative Reminder at the start of the meeting. Make sure to give space for questions. Have a post-meeting debrief- ask them how they felt their first meeting went and give space for any questions they have. 4) Induction...

Access & Inclusion Checklist

Action Planning Before Action

...involved? Is it equally social, regenerative, disruptive? Is Arrestee support aware of disabled rebels engaging in civil disobedience and direct action? Feedback Are you prepared to recieve feedback emotionally? Have you got a method fo...

Forming an Affinity Group

Affinity Groups

... Wellbeing Support - arranges regenerative activities for the Affinity Group Remember: these roles should rotate and change! Some things to consider for your first meeting Deeper Introductions, getting to know each other! Active Liste...

Things to consider when planning an Action

Action Planning Before Action important for nourishing a regenerative culture. It also allows you to sit with ideas and reflect and develop them without rushing into things This is not an exhaustive list but covers the main headings it will be useful to think about before reaching...

Behaviour and Good Practice

The Hub, Mattermost, Cloud and Forums Group Admin Guides

... with any language, but, as our regenerative statement says: "we have cultures of respect and listening, in which people deal with conflicts when they arise, feeding back quickly and talking about disagreements and issues without blaming and shaming." If ...

Our Meetings

How We Work Together

...and share how we are doing. A Regenerative Culture Reminder: we remind ourselves to be kind to one another, pay attention to our feelings and not to take on too many tasks. A facilitator: a person whose job is to make sure everyone is heard and that we...

Rebel Assemblies - East of England

Building Local Groups do you see the potential for regenerative cultures in your life?” 16 attended Reflections on the September Rebellion: Roses, Thorns , Buds . 24 attended XR’s theory of change is based on mobilising significantly greater numbers, AND on taking disrup...

Moderation & Community Management

Social Media Resources for Social Media

...ntent. We attempt to maintain a regenerative space and do not believe in censorship as we learn and grow from debate, criticism and reflection. We hide comments that are rude, offensive or ad hominem attacks. We ban anyone who makes abusive and rude remark...

Ongoing and Time-specific Actions

The Foundation Programme Finding Your Place in XR

...arth and offer a path back to a regenerative economy. Its targets are organisations who support, develop or fund fossil fuels or other activities which damage the environment such as deforestation, flooding and pollution. Digital Rebellion This takes actio...

Joining the Foundation Programme

Directory of Talks and Training

...ustainable Activism What is a Regenerative culture? Course socials and problem-solving sessions The course is entirely online (so you will need a good internet connection) and is very flexible: you can work at your own pace to either complete the who...