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Regenerative Resources

Has your Group tried one of the ideas in the Toolkit or have you come up with your own to add? ...

Regenerative Cultures Reminders / Intention Statements

Building Teams

Link to original doc Regenerative Cultures Reminder - 37 and counting This collection of intent...

Do Or Die

Do Or Die - Workshop Recipe

DO OR DIE (Short Version) Extinction Rebellion UK April 2021 This document is adapted for acc...

Sutton's Regenerative Cultures Resources

Regenerative Resources

A comprehensive set of links for all things Regenerative Cultures related This document is store...

Regenerative Action Cycle

Actions & Reports

Regenerative Action Cycle

Non-Violent Direct Action within Regenerative Cultures & Avoiding ‘Burn-Out’

Regenerative Resources

Regenerative Cultures XR is into ‘Regenerative Cultures’, it is number 3 in our Principles &...

Introduction to Resilience

Looking after your Rebels Individual Resilience

What is a Regenerative Culture? Creating cultures which are healthy, resilient and adaptable. R...

Burnout Awareness and Prevention

Looking after your Rebels Individual Resilience

WHAT IS BURN-OUT AND HOW TO AVOID IT? ‘Burn-out’ can be caused by.. ● Taking on a lot of proj...

09. Wellbeing

In XR we integrate what we call 'Regenerative Culture' into our everyday behaviour "Regen" as it...

The Foundation Programme - find your ideal role

Upskilling Rebels Behind the Scenes Roles

Join the XR Foundation Programme This is a 4 week part-time course (6-8hrs/week) primarily for p...

Looking After Your Rebels

Post-Rebellion Right Now

As events of an action or series of actions settle, we normally make time to come together for c...

Empowering the Movement

Building Teams The Self-Organising System in more detail

XRUK’s Self-Organising System (SOS) There’s a climate and ecological emergency. We can’t waste ...

Online Behaviour Guide

Online Tools for Communicating with Oth... User Guides

XR's Regenerative Culture We owe each other a duty of care to make our presence on our communica...

AG Buddies

Affinity Groups - building, joining and...

AG Buddies One method for helping keep members engaged and supported is to start a buddy system ...

What do we use to guide us?

Rebel Starter Pack

We have ten Principles and Values Anyone who follows these core principles and values can take a...

Connections & Forging new Relationships

Post-Rebellion Looking Forward

The strength of any community depends on good relationships built on trust, cooperation, caring a...

XR Arts Working Group Guidelines

Guidelines & Booklets - Art

“Politics is not solely, or even primarily, about reasoned thinking and rational choices; it’s a...

A Shared Vocabulary

Building 2021 Strategy

In order to have functioning conversations around strategy we must use the same words. Below are...

How we care for one another

Rebel Next Steps Pack

Principle 8: we avoid blaming and shaming. We do not waste energy or sow division by attacking...

A Quick Guide to Holding Effective Meetings

Trust The People Workshops 2. Group Support

Running meetings that keep to time, enable constructive discussion and give everyone an opportuni...

Glossary of Terms

Explaining XR

We know that for a newcomer to Extinction Rebellion our resources and newsletters can appear full...

Organising your meetings

Building Teams The Self-Organising System in more detail

These guidelines and resources are designed to help you organise your meetings and keep a record ...

Right Now


At the end of rebellion, we are welcoming our rebels home with care and support for each other an...