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Check-ins, Check-outs & Regenerative Cultures Statements

Check-Ins and Check-Outs

These are an important aspect of the care which threads through our Principles and Values. They are not compulsory for training sessions but, ideally, presenters should try to do check-ins as a way for everyone to connect with each other and ground themselves in the moment.

If you want to do them, always give participants the option not to check-in or out if they don’t want to, and perhaps suggest they use the chat instead.

For verbal check-ins with more than 5 participants, use breakout rooms but always explain that participants can return to the main room if they wish - unless using them is going to be essential for the purposes of the session.

A general check-in could include given name, preferred pronouns, why the person is here, and handing over to someone else in the group by saying their name.

Various other options can be used; choose which suits your presentation and timings. As an example, ask all participants to post in chat. Suggest using something to describe how they are feeling - an animal, a colour, or a few words.

Again, these are not compusory but they can be used to glean a brief insight from participants about the session. As an example, ask them to post in chat something that they found

  • surprising
  • especially interesting
  • new to them

If you wish to use a Regenerative Statement to open the session and/or a Vision Reminder to close it - find them here find them here