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Graphics, templates and how-to video guides

Graphics for Banners

beyond poltics.PNG

Note: All artwork below is quarter sized

Template for Hand Painted Banners

Making your own banners is often the cheapest and most sustainable way to make banners. Instructions on how to make banners is coming soon to the Arts shelf.

For now, you can download templates to make a selection of banners here (scroll down to 'Hand Painted Banners')

Video for how to make a banner

Watch the video here which includes:

  • How to make a banner using a projection of a digital image

  • How to make a banner with a stencil

How to make a multi-message banner

Did you ever wish you could change the message on your banner? This document shows how to create such a resource.

Free James Brown banner outside Bath Abbey Free James Brown banner outside Bath Abbey

Multi-message banner video

A time-lapse video of the banner in use at the Science Museum. About 30 seconds long. It is hosted on Microsoft OneDrive; the link is!AsQ-2fnGNjzIiVSQ69ykep35kKHp?e=QCMidp .