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Events to improve your knowledge of Citizens' Assemblies

Discuss our central demand at your group meeting

If you are part of a local or community group (XR or not!) why not devote a meeting to the UK-wide Citizens’ Assembly on Climate and Ecological Justice?

Activities to engage and educate a group around Citizens' Assemblies:

Organise a talk by a CA expert

Invite an expert to talk at your meeting.

We have people with expert knowledge of citizens' assemblies and our central demand who can be booked to give a talk.

Ideally we need more than 20 participants - so join with other nearby groups (XR or not!) If possible we'll come in person, but we're always happy to present and answer questions over Zoom.

Contact us at Tell us the dates, times, location (if in person). It's a half hour presentation with time for follow up questions.