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Other organisations and further reading

You can find loads more information from XRUK's Citizen's Assembly Working Group (CAWG) on the XRUK Website.

Democracy Next: Checkout their Assembling an Assembly Guide for a really good explanation of how an assembly works

KNOCA - Knowledge Network on Climate Assemblies. A European network for sharing best practice on the design and implementation of Climate Assemblies. Tracks climate assemblies across the world, and organises workshops on best practice. Workshops are recorded and available to view on their website.

Climate assemblies-emerging trends challenges and opportunities KNOCA report that draws lessons from the recent wave of climate assemblies and considers how they can improve their impact.

Sortition Foundation providing citizens' assembly services, and also have a proposal for the House of Lords to be replaced by a House of Citizens.

Involve works to make public participation and deliberation an everyday part of our democracy, and help solve the big challenges of our time.

Zero Hour campaigns for the Climate & Nature Bill — a plan for the UK to do its bit in keeping global warming down to 1.5°C and reversing biodiversity loss by 2030. The bill includes a Citizens Assembly on Climate and Nature.

Manuel Arriga - expert on Citizens' Assemblies and author of Rebooting Democracy: A Citizen's Guide to Reinventing Politics. He also created a series of videos for XR including "What is a Citizens' Assembly?", "Why is Extinction Rebellion calling for a Citizens' Assembly?", and "How do Citizens' Assemblies relate to the global climate emergency?"

When Citizens Assemble video (16 mins). Ireland's efforts to break a political deadlock over its de facto ban on abortion inspired a bold response - the creation of a Citizens' Assembly to tackle on the issue. During five weekends spread over five months, a random selection of Irish people deliberated on the highly divisive and controversial issue. Their conclusion, in April 2017, recommended a radical liberalisation of existing laws, including a change to the Constitution.

The People vs. Climate Change: BBC Documentary on government committees' commissioning an assembly on achieving net zero by 2050.

The People's Plan for Nature: the outcome of a Citizen's Assembly on Nature convened by by National Trust, WWF & the RSPB.

Scotland's Climate Assembly: An assembly of 106 citizens, who met online over seven weekends between November 2020 and March 2021 to deliberate on information provided by experts and produce a set of recommendations, addressing the question: How should Scotland change to tackle the climate emergency in an effective and fair way?

UK Parliament Debate about the use of Citizens' Assemblies (Jan 2020)

Children's Assembly on Biodiversity- called on Ireland to 'treat the Earth like family'.

Luxembourg 'step up' green energy and efficiency targets partly due to citizens' assembly.

The COP26 Global Assembly- which produced a report answering the question 'How can humanity address the climate and ecological crisis in a fair and effective way?' Interestingly, the findings of the report came from both a Global Citizens' Assembly, and self-organised Community Assemblies around the world.

Reforming The Political System Messaging Guide

'When Citizens Decide : Lessons from Citizens' Assemblies on Electoral Reform' - Patrick Fournier, Henk van der Kolk, R. Kenneth Carty, André Blais & Jonathan Rose

Participedia: A global network and crowdsourcing platform for researchers, educators, practitioners, policymakers, activists, and anyone interested in public participation and democratic innovations

Resources about Community Assemblies

Can be found in the Community Assemblies section of the Toolkit here.