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Grow support for a UK-wide Citizens’ Assembly

Extinction Rebellion's 3rd demand is :

Decide Together : We need change that is decided fairly and transparently. We need a Citizens’ Assembly on Climate and Ecological Justice.

A detailed explanation of XR's Citizens' Assemblies can be found on the XRUK website. It explains:

  • why our outdated system of electoral politics can't make the changes we need
  • introduces the concept of citizens' assemblies
  • gives some examples of citizens' assemblies around the world and what went well

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Ask a question
If you use Mattermost you can ask a question here in the Citizens Assembly Discussion Group or you can get in touch by email:

Citizens' Assemblies, People's Assemblies and Community Assemblies
XR uses three different kind of assemblies, which have some similarities and some differences: DifferentAssembliesRGB.jpg