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We have a standard set of colours for our publications, which are documented in the Design Programme.

As it is a large PDF, here is a summary of the colour scheme. This page also has the hex values of the colours. If you need CMYK or PMS codes, they are in the original document, which is also the place to go for the full guidance.

Main colours

When you see the logo it’s often black on green, but it can also sit on the other backgrounds.

Colour Code Sample Colour Code Sample
Green: #14aa37
Black: #000000

Bright colours

Our colours symbolise the intersectional nature of XR. The colours can and should be mixed together to create bold and bright graphics.

Colour Code Sample Colour Code Sample
Lemon: #f7ee6a
Light blue: #75d0f1
Pink: #ed9bc4
Purple: #986297
Light green: #bed276
Warm yellow: #ffc11e
Bright Pink: #cf6297
Red: #dc4f00
Dark blue: #3860aa
Angry: #c80082

Colour Palette

For use with design software (.clr file)