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New Applicants - a Warm Contact!

  • Read the application
  • If they sound right for the role (time commitment, availability, skills, accessibility requirements etc)
    • It’s key to contact them within 24 hours of their application and wherever possible, by phone or if you can't phone, then text or email
    • After 24 hours they’ll start to ‘cool’ which makes onboarding harder
    • A warm human voice is always better than written communication

The initial call can be along the lines of:
"Thanks very much for applying, do you have 5 minutes now or when would be a better time to call?"

  • If they can't chat, arrange a time to call back.
  • If they can chat, ask a few basic questions and arrange another time to speak to them for a longer chat - preferably on Zoom:
    • How much time can they volunteer?
    • Do they have any access requirements we need to be aware of?
    • Do they have any questions?
    • Can they Zoom so you can have a longer chat about the role (as well as get to know them better)?

NB: Always arrange the next time to speak/meet during each call so they have the date in their calendar. Saves time and makes them feel 'held'.

If they haven't left a phone number or you've had your initial call, then send an email with the suggestions below.

  • Template email :
    • Thanks for signing up
    • New joiners book (*check name of this) - don't send to existing rebels
    • How best to keep in touch (give them options that suit you)
    • Volunteer Agreement

  • If you've spoken to them and arranged your next call then click the thumbs up on the Volunteer website.
  • If you haven't spoken to them and you hear nothing back from your initial email, after a week send a second email. If no luck, click thumbs down.
  • If they reply to your email and you're happy to move forward - click thumbs up on the Volunteer website site.
  • The thumbs up/down buttons send out automated emails informing applicants whether or not they are on the waiting list.
  • The thumbs up/down also informs Integrator Support how well a team is doing with recruitment.