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Resources for Local Group Recruitment

Survey Boards are a great outreach tool for creating a visual presence on the street to engage passersby in conversation and then move them to sign up.

Contact XRUK Outreach

Outreach Broadcast on Telegram. No chat and will have useful broadcasts about upcoming training and outreach opportunities for UK-wide actions and new resources e.g. flyers/stickers etc.

Outreach email

Outreach Reception on Mattermost


If your Local Group needs flyers and stickers for your actions and outreach - XRUK Outreach can post them to you!

We have 'Unite to Survive', 'Rebel for Truth' and 'Here Comes Everyone' flyers. Plus rolls of stickers!

Available now for your local group! Order in good time ahead of any actions to allow for our volunteer to post them to you. Donate what you can to cover printing costs.

Order form here


XRUK Outreach has developed two new workshops to upgrade our Outreach to the next level. Sign up for the following sessions to learn more! Both are NEW and are recommended for all outreach crew. Session dates will be broadcast on the Movement Broadcast

Doing Evidence-Based Outreach
This interactive workshop gives an overview of research into how activists can speak with a cross-section of the British public about climate change and biodiversity loss.

  • What messages resonate best with different UK demographics?
  • How can we practically incorporate these insights into our outreach conversations?

HOPE [Hope and Optimism for Successful Outreach]
Inspiring people into action is a key part of successful Outreach. This training will cover the following topics to give you the tools to inspire a new wave of activists.

  • Doom and despair used by those in power to disempower us
  • The history of successful campaigns as a tool for inspiration and skills to communicate this in outreach conversations.

Complete this form to register for these workshops