What is Action Network?

It is the tool that XR UK uses for sending emails out to the movement. It is funded centrally and available to all local groups. It is structured by region/nation. People can join either at the 'top' (see image below) by signing up on the website - or by searching for their local group of the LGmap.

How Local Groups fit in to the XR Action Network

You may be familiar with other email lists such at Mailchimp - so to point out the main difference with Action Network (and it may sound obvious!) is that it is a NETWORK! Here is a little smapshot to explain...

For example : if someone joins the Birmingham email list, then automatically get subscribed 'UP' the network (to region and UK lists). The benefit of this is that if we enable more and more local groups to use Action Network to recruit, then all these new subscribers end up on the UK list too - allowing for big announcements of trainings, actions and Rebellions.

Also in this example this person will be on the 'Midlands' list which allows regional level organising and advertising of events, trainings, actions etc.

Campaign and Community Groups

Not shown on the diagram above of groups such at 'Deep Water', 'Digital Rebellion' or 'XR Walkers' - these also have separate emails list that sit just below the UK list and therefore also feed in to the total numbers of subscribers on the UK list. These lists are not utilised as much as they could be, so if you are in a community group please get in touch.

There is a huge opportunity to grow the UK list

If 200 sub-groups (either local groups, campaigns or community groups) each recruited 25 new subscribers a month - that would be an additional 5000 on the UK list per month.

Why use Action Network?

Go to this page to read about reasons to use Action Network
For information on how to use Action Network for your local, community or campaign group - start here