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What is Media & Messaging?


A message is a clear, easy-to-understand sentence that sums up what you’re trying to achieve with your action. The M&M team makes sure this message is consistent on all platforms and media used.


Media are communications channels we use to spread news and our messages. In XR, we work with:

📰 Press

Traditional media use various mediums to propagate news: printed (newspaper), video (TV), audio (radio)... but also digital supports (website, social media).

Most local and regional media are happy to run our stories, that's why it's important to learn how to write a press release.

💻 Social Media

Many people get their info from social media, especially in the younger generations. Social media platforms are free to use and easy to access (from your computer and/or smartphone).

That said, they can be time-consuming to use as they require you to post regularly to build your audience on your chosen platform(s), and keep it. Social media platforms are not reliable for propagating your news to all your followers at all times but they offer a simple, visible and searchable approach, from which new members can find you and contact you.

📱 Messaging apps

Messaging apps are mostly used for internal communication within your local group, working group, community group etc.

Some groups also choose to set up a broadcast on one of these apps, which is a one-way channel where messages can only be posted by the admins to inform their audience. You decide who can access your broadcast by sharing a link to it: members of your group only or anyone.

📧 Emails & Newsletter

This is probably the most reliable way we have to share our news with people who want to hear about us. We use Action Network to send our emails.

Emails that are short, to the point and include a call to action (for example: "register to join our meeting", "sign our petition") tend to work better than long emails full of information.