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M&M Get Started

Media and Messaging core services.

This chapter gives an outline of movement communication info for XR UK groups to draw on.

M&M (for short) is a working group in charge of promoting XR's work, actions and events, using social media and traditional media such as newspapers. M&M ensures that the messages and graphics used on various platforms are coherent and in-line with the strategy.

It can feel overwhelming for small local groups to start a Media & Messaging working group as it englobes a wide range of skills local Rebels don't necessarily have. Fear not! In the Toolkit you'll find many resources to help you get your team started and people to contact to answer your questions, but also to help you complete some tasks (for example: designing a leaflet).

What is Media & Messaging

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How to get your content promoted by XR UK

Organise Media & Messaging for your group

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