Integrator welcome sessions from the Rebel Pathway Team

Are you an Integrator?

or thinking about becoming one...

You have come to the right place!

We have set up an Integrator drop-in meeting for anyone who has questions, comments or thoughts they want to share in relation to any part of the welcome process within XR.

To get onto Mattermost, you just need an invite to the XR Communications Hub from the Tech Champion of your team. So make sure that happens as soon as possible so that you can start following what's going on! And check out the Mattermost Training on the Rebellion Academy.

Mattermost is our main platform for communication
On here, you can find channels for various groups across the organisation and you can directly message any rebel if you know their handle. We use Mattermost for chat, short conversations, questions and cat gifs. Mattermost connects us across the globe!

Join us - we look forward to meeting you.