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Unite to Survive / Rebel for Truth

Download these and many more posters here.

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Classic Posters

These are posters that have been around a long time but they're still just as good as they always were! Stick them in your window or use them to Paint the Streets!

For Professional Printing

The following posters are optimised to be printed onto A3:

Dead Planet
Bees Skull
Blue Skulls
Sand Timer
Red Skull
Smiley Cuffs
Shock Cuffs
Purple Skulls
Earth on Scales
This is Change
Change is Now
Abstract Colours
Colourful Sand Timer
World Inside a Greenhouse
Birds on Westminster
Deadly Transformations
Snake Skeleton
It Always Seems Impossible Until It's Done
Rebel for Life
Shock Rebel for Life
Getting Hot in Here
Tell the Truth mouth
People Over Profit
Life not Death
Green not Greed
Eco not Ego

The following posters are optimised to be printed onto A4:

Yellow Shocked

For Home Printing

Extinction Rebellion Window Poster
Shocked Face & Skulls Window Posters
Declaration of Rebellion (looks best in A3)

For Placards

The following posters are optimised to be printed onto A2 and used as placards:

Set 1 (including 'Rebel for Life', 'Tell the Truth', 'Act Now', 'Non Violent' and 'Extinction Rebellion')

Set 2 (including 'Change or Die', 'Time is Up', 'Now or Never' and 'Climate & Ecological Emergency')

Subvertising Posters

For advice on subvertising, and posters designed to be used in bus stops, billboards, and the tube, check out the Paint the Streets books


Paint the Streets Archive

The XRUK Paint the Streets Design Drive (being updated) has an array of designs and resources from past and current campaigns, including Cover the Capital designs (bus stops, billboards and underground poster designs). All the work has been created by volunteers. These documents are not to be used for commercial gain.

Science facts large outreach banner

This poster was made by Scientists for XR. The idea is to print it out very, very big and then use it at your action or outreach event to start conversations passers-by.

If you have any questions about how to print the poster etc, message them on mattermost on @louisk.

Download the design here

For more details about the Portable Climate Science Museum go to

Themed Posters


Dirty Water