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How to write a press release

A press release is a written document you will send to your local or regional media that contains a description of your action, your message and quotes from participants.

This page offers a step-by-step tutorial with recorded videos to learn to write a press release. It's also available as slides, though these are not as detailed. This PDF sums up the process. And on this page you'll find a recorded workshop about writing a press release for Community Assemblies.

1. Create your message

Your message should be created in partnership with your action team. One action, one message.

It should be simple enough that you could tell it to someone at the bus stop and they will understand straightaway what it's about.

▶️ Watch the video (7 min):

📄 You can also read this page about creating messaging for an action.

2. Prepare your media list

These are the contacts you're going to send your press release to. It's very likely there is already an existing list for your region for you to use (so you won't have to start one from scratch!)

▶️ Watch the video (5 min):


Quotes bring emotions and personal opinions to your press release. Learn how to write some that will convey your message further:

▶️ Watch the video (6 min):

4. Images

How to pick the best photos to send to the press:

▶️ Watch the video (7 min):

📄 Read the photographers' briefing to prepare your photographers before the action.

▶️ Tutorial to set up a Google Drive for your press photos

5. Content

How to structure your press release:

▶️ Watch the video (5 min):

Write the headline of your press release to catch the journalists' attention:

▶️ Watch the video (3 min):

Discover what a media introduction is and when to use it:

▶️ Watch the video (2 min):

Why and how to engage politicians in the press:

▶️ Watch the video (5 min):

Some extra tips:

▶️ Watch the video (5 min):

6. Send your press release

When to send your press release depending on your local media and the action you're doing:

▶️ Watch the video (1 min):

Why and how to follow up after you sent your press release:

▶️ Watch the video (5 min):

7. Press contact role

This is the person whose phone number will figure on the press release and who will take calls from journalists about the action. They must know your message and be available on the day of the action but it's a role that can be done from home.

▶️ Watch the video (5 min):