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Peat Ban Letter

George Eustice has announced that DEFRA is starting a consultation on banning the sale of peat-based composts with proposals for a ban within three years.

You can use these templates to write to your MP supporting a ban on peat extraction.

Example 1

Dear (MP)

It is great to hear that at last moves are being made to stop peat extraction. The industry has totally ignored the voluntary phase out by 2020, as previously agreed. They haven’t even been putting the % peat content on the labels of bags of compost to enable buyers to make a choice. Please tell me you will support the banning of peat and peatlands rewetting to reduce carbon emissions and for wildlife.

Yours …

Example 2

Dear (MP)

I am delighted to learn George Eustice is starting a consultation to bring peat exploitation to an end – it is long over due.

Please assure me that he will include the Cambridgeshire Peat Fens and rewetting of these.

The “Great Fen Project” near Ramsey has long been stalled, incomplete and sadly unable to operate as was planned. It would serve as a pilot project for further rewetting and needs to be run as intended. Please could you lobby for this to be given priority.

Yours ……

Example 3

Dear (MP)

Hurray! The Government is actually going to stop peat exploitation. Or - is this just another round of green wash prior to COP26? A paper exercise to be forgotten as soon as November’s conference is over?

Please tell me that the Government is genuinely intent on stopping peat extraction and that the consultation is just about setting the terms for winding the industry down and restoring peat land. Given that the industry agreed to a voluntary phase out by 2020 which it failed to honor, its end must be in sight, surely?

Please tell me you will support the stopping of peat extraction – this is so important in reducing green house gas emissions and for wildlife.

Yours …