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About Rebel Ringing Parties


A Rebel Ringer Party with your friends, affinity group or local XR Rebels is not only a lot of fun, it is a way of strengthening your group as well as also being a key tool for growing and strengthening our Movement. Never under-estimate the power of phone campaigns; it's why companies spend so much on this aspect of their messaging... It works!

Please arrange Rebel Ringer Parties for your affinity or local group! If you need any help please ask via our Rebel Ringer Reception channel on Mattermost, or send an email to We’ll give you all the info and tips you will need to get hosting.

With a strong base of Rebel Ringers ready to spring into action, we can quickly contact tens of thousands of people to encourage them to join us on the streets for the next big Rebellion. :-)

In the meantime Rebel Ringers will continue to provide that personal connection to let Rebels know about local actions, sources of support and to ensure that as many people as possible join their XR local groups, get involved in remote support, but most importantly, get trained up to organise and stay informed to changes impacting on our on-going Rebellion!