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Getting started as a Rebel Ringer

Rebel Ringing Training

We host drop-in session (called Phonebanking) most weeks where we provide training and support. Sign up for an upcoming session. Take a look at the Telegram Announcements channel for updates! We encourage you to come along to at least one drop-in, so that we can help you find your way around CallHub, and also try out role-playing a call in a supportive setting before getting let loose on Rebels at large!

We also have a primer video available to get you started, watch here.

Creating Your CallHub (Call Script and Notes) Account

Once one of the team has approved you as a Rebel Ringer, you will receive your CallHub username in an email with the heading ‘Welcome to CallHub – Activate your agent account now!’ When you click the link in the email and set up a password, you will have access to make calls with CallHub. Remember, to keep your password safe somewhere, but if you do forget it (it happens!), we can sort another for you...

Click here to log in to your CallHub account.

Making Your First Call

  1. JOIN A CAMPAIGN. Sometimes we have a national campaign going on, but some local groups ask for a regional or local campaign. Pick a Campaign you want to join or help the wider movement on an on-going national campaign.
  2. Read NUANCE. Some campaigns have a lot of elements to them. If there is one available for a campaign, read the linked Nuance document to arm yourself with as much campaign intel as you can. If you have any questions, add a comment on the document.
  3. GO OVER THE SCRIPT: In advance of picking up the phone, do read over the script a few times. See how tweaking words and the flow of the call feel. Think about which parts you’ll put your own slant on and how, then say the script out loud as yourself. Hearing yourself say this out loud really helps you get comfortable and come across as natural.
  4. PRACTICE & RING. Make a couple of practice calls, perhaps with or to a friend. You might also try recording yourself on your phone then listening back. When ready, get calling!
  5. DELETE NUMBERS. Remember GDPR compliance means you need to remove called numbers and texts sent from your phone’s call history.
  6. ENJOY then TELL OTHERS about Rebel Ringing. We always need more callers!