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Calling Tips


  • DO familiarise yourself with the script you will be using before you start making calls. Take as long as you need to get comfy with the flow and content. Take the time to practise out loud in your own words, before you make your first call. Alternatively, do a practice call with a friend or record yourself on your phone and listen to how this works for you or where you could tweak your tonality or words.
  • DO talk slowly. As part of inclusive practice, we need to remember that not everyone can hear as well as we might and people we call may have learning difficulties or not be native English speakers. We are easier to understand and come across as more relaxed and trustworthy when we speak calmly and slowly. It also helps smooth out if we have a strong accent, which can be a barrier when people cannot see our facial expressions or lip read.
  • DO smile as you dial. This may seem silly but it actually helps you relax and sets a positive tone. If you smile while you’re calling you will sound friendly. This helps you quickly build rapport with the person on the other end.
  • DO be proud that you are doing positive work about which you can feel confident. You are connecting people with what they want to do and with each other. Telephone work gets a bad rap, but you are not selling, your campaign script shows how you are just doing the right thing for the person whom you call.
  • DO connect with each person. Imagine that they’re sitting across the table from you. Be yourself so you can engage them genuinely, connecting and asking questions to create a natural back and forth. The more familiar you are with the campaign script, the easier this will become.
  • DO speak in the 3rd person about XR; i.e.: "x is happening"; "people in (location) are doing x". This is about sharing information for their benefit, not yours. Avoid: "What I think is..." or even worse, "...what I think people should do is..." People are persuaded by hearing what the prevailing mood of their community is. We’re not persuaded by being told what to do by a stranger.
  • DO LISTEN. There is a reason we have 2 ears and 1 mouth; it means we listen better! Rebel Ringer calls are as much about listening as they are about talking. Of course, if time permits, mutual sharing of experience can really leave both sides feeling empowered long after a call...


  • DON’T feel you have to stick rigidly to the script. In fact, we encourage riffing on it. Rebel Ringing is a tool to allow Rebels to connect. Loosening up means both sides can enjoy a call more.
  • DON’T let 'NO ANSWER' get you down. Most of the time people aren’t able to talk or won’t pick up. On average only 1 in 4 calls will result in a conversation, so be prepared.
  • Ringing is not a numbers game, but a way to make a connection with another being, who is also concerned about the future of life on our shared planet.
  • Don’t APOLOGISE for calling! You are doing an important, positive, empowering job here. People often enjoy being called and helped into the movement. Be proud of Rebel Ringing and happy you are helping achieve the bigger objectives.
  • DON’T make assumptions about a person's age, race, gender, or how much they support Extinction Rebellion.
  • DON'T judge if they don't want any further calls... Life can be busy.
  • DON’T PRESSURE. Rebel Ringing is not like call-centre telemarketing work seeking 'conversions'. We are sharing information and connecting people. If now isn’t a good time for someone to be involved, let's respect that. Let’s be the Regenerative Culture we want to see.
  • DON’T FORGET TO DELETE. After your calling session, ensure that the people’s numbers you have called are wiped from your phone’s call and text history. All Rebel Ringers sign a data protection agreement, and this is part of the work.
  • DON’T BLUFF. If you don’t know something during a call, then that’s totally fine. You cannot know everything; we are constantly evolving, after all. Be honest and put the question in the Notes and before you go to the next call, if you are in a Zoom party, try to get an answer to their question. Then you can text it to them, or someone can follow-up later on by viewing the notes you left.