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Financial Teams & Roles in Arrestee & Legal Support

The following are some circles you may wish to consider volunteering within if you have knowledge of finance, or legal knowledge.


XR operates almost entirely on contibutions from individuals. We never accept corporate sponsorship. Raising enough money for the rebellion to function, to amplify our wider messaging, deepen our relationship with supporters and create powerful content to serve the whole movement is one of the most crucial aspects of our work. Without it, XR would not exist!

Finance Team

Accounting, bookkeeping, managing and monitoring expense claims, Volunteer Living Expenses (VLE) claims; strategic finance, supporting budget preparation, supporting budget holders, reviewing XR's financial and tax status.

The Finance Team has an important (and sometimes difficult) job within XR.

Integrated Budget Group (IBG)

This group distributes income raised for XRUK in line with the movement’s Strategy. This means responding to requests for a movement budget and to fund rebellions.

A movement budget comprises regular costs such as VLE, rent, software licences, tax, accountancy etc. A budget holder for a rebellion or specific action can ask for funding, which is typically for equipment, travel, accommodation and subsistence.

The challenge is there is never enough money to go round and IBG has to see how a request aligns with our Strategy by supporting one or more of these criteria
-mobilisation (growing the movement)
-providing critical funcionality (VLE to support NVDA, software licences, warehouse rent, rebellion equipment)
engaging with cultural influencers (VIPs, celebrities, public figures)

Some roles within this team are filled by trained legal professionals, others by rebels who are trained to provide support to:

  • briefing rebels who may be arrested
  • observing at actions (Legal Observers, or people trained in Witnessing Arrest and Witnessing Police Behaviour)
  • supporting rebels who are arrested through legal advice and / or emotional support
  • providing legal advice to any group before they consider an action, event or campaign
  • supporting rebels who are attending court