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We are Everyone

Neurodiverse and Disabled Rebels Inclusion

We have all agreed upon joining XR to welcome everyone and every part of everyone, therefore there is a duty for us to do as much as we can to ensure everyone has access to our resources and that we are welcoming to a diverse range of people. We cannot be p...

Ways to do outreach

Outreach Methods and Materials

Preparing for new volunteers

Integrator Handbook

Recruiting new volunteers

Integrator Handbook

Welcoming new volunteers

Integrator Handbook


Art Blockers

Printed onto cloth and then pinned wherever suits that Rebel!

Core Design Programme


The principles of graphic design to produce XR's destinctive look, and artwork to use. See also the Global Media Library page for artwork samples.

Training and guides

Art Blockers

XR Art Blockers have developed these facilities to help you provide prints for your actions !

Hub Admin Guides

The Hub, Mattermost, Cloud and Forums

This chapter is only relevant for people with the role of Hub Admin.


Art Blockers

Print onto A4 (eco-friendly!) sticker paper.

Block Artwork

Art Blockers

Artwork for printing, painting and woodblocks.

Flag Templates

Art Blockers

Artwork for printing flags.

Paris '68 Redux

Art Blockers

Paris '68 Redux reinterprets the work of the “Atelier Poplulaire”. The “AP” were groups of students, union members and everyone coming together (in Paris May, 1968), work-shopping ideas, then voting on which ones to mass produce, printing tons and going straig...

Contributing - The Technical Side

How to contribute to the Rebel Toolkit

Editing, Markdown, images, links etc

Group Admin Guides

The Hub, Mattermost, Cloud and Forums

This chapter is only relevant for people with the role of Group Admin.

Writing and Sending Emails on Action Network

Action Network for XR

Technical, style, content and accessibility advice. Plus automatic welcome emails.

Reports and Viewing Activist Data

Action Network for XR

Information on how to access and collect data on rebels in the Action Network system

Adding Subscribers

Action Network for XR

Error Messages and Problems

Action Network for XR


Action Network for XR

Extra information for people wanting to dig a little deeper in to what Action Network is capable of.