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Designing an Activation Campaign

Engaging Our Rebels

Consider your messaging narrative and timeline for the coming Rebellion, think about how it links to the actions you are planning, the story you are telling. Who are you talking to, what information do you need them to know, what are you asking them to do? ...

We are Everyone

Engaging Our Rebels

We have all agreed upon joining XR to welcome everyone and every part of everyone, therefore there is a duty for us to do as much as we can to ensure everyone has access to our resources and that we are welcoming to a diverse range of people. We cannot be p...

Principles & Values
Practical Guide

Ways to do outreach

Outreach Methods and Materials

Reactivating Rebels

Engaging Our Rebels

With a Rebellion on the horizon your first step is to gear up the rebels in your local group! This can be done with Talks, Drop-ins, Campaigns, or Workshops among other things. The key is to get people talking! Start with a question and give them something sm...

Talking About the Emergency

Mobilising the Community

Whether you have a crowd of people to host a talk for or you are starting conversations on the street with passers by it is good to have all the information at your fingertips.

Making Connections

Connecting with the Community

Your local area will be made up of neighbourhood communities, organisations, businesses, and communities of identity. Polls show that UK citizens care about Climate Breakdown and a quarter of these believe XR is effective as a movement, but only a small po...


Maintaining Relationships

Connecting with the Community

The strength of any community depends on good relationships built on trust, cooperation, caring and resilience.

Bringing the Community Together

Connecting with the Community

Imagine bringing every centre of worship, charity, trust, research group, book group, parents association and local business together to discuss the future of your area. Imagine hearing the dreams of our children held up as goals for our neighbourhoods. Imagin...

Preparing for new rebels

Integrator Handbook

Recruiting new rebels

Integrator Handbook

Welcoming new rebels

Integrator Handbook


Art Blockers

Printed onto cloth and then pinned wherever suits that Rebel!

Core Design Programme


The principles of graphic design to produce XR's destinctive look, and artwork to use. See also the Global Media Library page for artwork samples.

Paint The Streets

Campaigns and Action Packs

This is a live doc! To find the most up-to-date Paint The Streets (PTS) info doc please find it linked in the very first page of this book. Use the Toolkit version for ease of browsing.

Training and guides

Art Blockers

XR Art Blockers have developed these facilities to help you provide prints for your actions !

Art Resourses

Hub Admin Guides

The Hub, Mattermost, Cloud and Forums

This chapter is only relevant for people with the role of Hub Admin.


Art Blockers

Print onto A4 (eco-friendly!) sticker paper.

Art Resources

Block Artwork

Art Blockers

Artwork for printing, painting and woodblocks.

Art Resources
XR Art Blockers

Flag Templates

Art Blockers

Artwork for printing flags.

Art Resources
XR Art Blockers
Flag making

Paris '68 Redux

Art Blockers

Paris '68 Redux reinterprets the work of the “Atelier Poplulaire”. The “AP” were groups of students, union members and everyone coming together (in Paris May, 1968), work-shopping ideas, then voting on which ones to mass produce, printing tons and going straig...