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Can I move my existing email list to Action Network?

Action Network for XR Adding Subscribers

Your Existing Mailing List If you have been using mailing list management software, like MailChimp or have a list of addresses stored on Gmail, you won't want to lose contact with those people. The only email addresses that we'll be able to move across immedia...

Introduction to writing emails

Action Network for XR Writing and Sending Emails on Action Ne...

Start here for a quick overview If you don't have access to your email list yet click here This chapter ...

Automatic welcome email for your group

Action Network for XR Writing and Sending Emails on Action Ne...

So, you’ve got your group up and running and people are signing up via the LGmap or the UK website page or your shortlink ( or via your own tailor made sign up forms. Nice! Questions? - head to this page. But how will they know when yo...

Formatting, readability and accessibility

Action Network for XR Writing and Sending Emails on Action Ne...

Writing clear, readable emails for everyone and with focus on readers with visual impairments, dyslexia etc. Text and Style guide Use sans serif fonts (such as Arial and Calibri). Once you have chosen a font it's best to stick to it; don't mix fonts in an e-ma...

Create reports on Action Network

Action Network for XR Reports and Viewing Activist Data

Creating reports in Action Network lets you see what data subscribers have provided, and what actions* they have taken. *actions is Action Network jargon for interaction with emails, forms or events created in Action Network. To view current reports or create ...

Admin access to your mailing list

Action Network for XR Start Here

Introduction Anyone wanting to be an admin of any Action Network list must adhere to current policies (as maintained, monitored and implemented by the Action Network Data Team): 1 - Sign the XR UK VOLUNTEER AGREEMENT It doesn't matter if you don't remember if ...

Requesting question creation permission

Action Network for XR Advanced

In the XR Action Network system, it is possible to use forms to request information from rebels. Where possible, please use existing questions in your form to match data that is already in the system. If you need to create new questions, please contact the Dat...